Oily or Dry Scalp - How Best to Wash Your Hair

Do you suffer from an Oily or Dry Scalp? Are you washing your hair correctly?

As simple as it seems, there are many misconceptions about how best to wash your hair.

Washing your hair too often, strips the hair of its natural oils/acids which disrupts the PH level of the

scalp and can cause an oilier scalp. On the contrary, not washing your hair often enough not only

causes poor odour but an unhealthy scalp too.

Do you suffer from an oily scalp?

> Wash with luke warm water – cold water doesn’t penetrate the oil enough to soften it,

whilst warm water stimulates oil glands.

> Wash with your palm/flat fingers so as to not activate oil glands, rinse hair properly.

> Apply conditioner/mask from mid to end of the hair only (avoid the scalp).

> Make sure to rinse thoroughly.

Try to avoid washing hair everyday rather opt for a dry shampoo (such as Eimi Dry me from Wella) in

between washes, this will train the scalp to produce less oil.

An oily scalp can lead to dandruff so it is imperative that you use the correct shampoo. At DJ

Hairdressing, we recommend changing your shampoo to a ph balancing shampoo (such as System

Professional Balance scalp shampoo from Wella) which will assist in achieving a healthy scalp faster.

Do you have a dry scalp?

A dry scalp can be caused by various factors, such as colour processes, stress, climate change, sun

burn, dehydration and even medical factors.

Find a stylist that knows how to deal with a dry scalp. Have the stylist recommend a hair care range

that is suitable to you based on your everyday lifestyle. For example, if you spend a lot of time in the

sun, then we highly recommend using the Soleras range from System Professional.

At DJ Hairdressing, we also recommend a washing technique used to help stimulate the oil glands so

as to counteract the dry scalp. Lastly, we recommend you use a hydrating shampoo on your scalp

(such as System Professional Hydrate range from Wella) as well as an oil on your mids to end to lock

in moisture.

For more information, specific to your haircare and scalp needs, kindly book a free consultation at DJ

Hairdressing, Glenore Centre 031 572 6858

DJ Hairdressing…

Where Excellence Meets Hair.

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