Here at DJ Hairdressing, we offer experienced and talented hair stylists, who are skilled in offering a wide assortment of hair related services.

Though our specialty is cutting and colouring, we also offer a rather memorable, and wonderfully lengthy, head massages, and anyone who’s suffered chronic neck pain from salons’ poorly positioned basins will be glad to know that ours are adjustable!


To maintain their new look, clients have the option of purchasing a range of top-notch branded products – hairsprays, gels, shampoos and more. Worker bees and those with a tight schedule needn’t worry if they can’t make it during regular work hours, as we now open late on a Wednesday evening and are happy to extend this should the demand arise.


As a bonus we offer cappuccinos, espressos and lattes gratis to all customers and give free consultations to walk clients. We also host a cocktail menu for those who are in a “party mood”

It really is a special atmosphere, here at DJ Hairdressing..


We offer advance cutting on every level. Short, medium or long, in the latest trends.




Wella professional is the leading colour brand in the world.
We offer a variety of colour services for all your hair needs, from our sensitive scalp range to our ammonia free colour.

Ask for any of our blow wave specialists, they will be happy to serve.

With a number of award-winning master stylists under one roof, you are sure to get a world class hair style every time you visit DJ Hairdressing.


Shop 8, Glen Centre, Glen Ashley, Durban, 4051.

Tel: 031 572 6858


Tues: 8am-5pm

Wed: 8am-7pm

Thur: 8am-5pm

Fri: 8am-5pm

Saturday: 8am-3pm


031 572 6858
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